Time to Reveal

Some of you may know. Some of you may not. Some of you may find weird. And most of you probably have no idea of what I’m talking about but the thing is: This is a year of big changes for me.

I’ve been hired by Mirai, a Spanish company located in Madrid, to work as a Software Engineer. Yes, it does mean I’ll be moving there. Sooner than later.

Last Friday I’ve received the great news that my work permit has been approved so I can now request my visa in my hometown and move to Madrid, what will probably happen by the end of this month or the beginning of May.

This post probably explain something to some people. And the bottom line is that this whole story means a great step on my career and for those of you that have been following my posts, that’s probably clear.

Because of that I was able to meet wonderful people , learn a bunch of new stuff and be present in important events such as QCon 2008 in London and Euruko 2008 in Prague.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted about my new endeavor.

I’m really excited about this chance and I invite you all for a beer or two either in Rio  or Madrid - Just let me know your preference… :)