Coding Dojo #1 - the Fun Begins

Yesterday I organized our first CodingDojo here at the company and I’m glad to say it was a great success!
The problem chosen was the Karate Chop, from Dave Thomas’ Code Kata.

As it was also my first time organizing a Dojo, we took some time to get things straight, explain everyone the rules and start coding. Nothing that would compromise the experience, though.

The rules were basically the ones of a RandoriKata and as a mechanism for switching pairs we chose the TimeBox with a limit of 5 minutes.

We came up with 3 different solutions in about 1h 30min. The 1st one looking like crap! :)

Which was actually interesting because the general feeling before we started was that it would be boring, or too easy since “everyone” knows what a binary chop/search is.
Wrong!!! It all changes when you have a time limit and a bunch of people behind you doing funny noises! It’s a pressure different from your day to day job. A healthy one in my opinion.

Hearing the feedback afterwards was rewarding. Everyone seemed to have had a lot of fun and can’t wait for the next one.

I guess the most important lesson we got from it was to be quiet and not bother the current pair when we do not agree with their idea - not even if we do. This one is very important as it both shows respect and allows you to learn from how your colleagues think.

Next thursday we’ll keep going with this one and hopefully finish and pick up the next problem! :)