So Long 2011: Year Highlights

It’s that time of the year to look back at what you’ve done and either be happy about it or… well not. :)

To me anyway 2011 was a great year but I won’t bore you with the details so I’ll just jump straight into a couple of highlights!

The biggest one of course was the project we developed to help the Queensland flood victims back in January - which brings me to the next topic:


Said project gave me the chance to speak at a few events, sharing this and other great stories:

(1) - XConf is an internal technical conference here at ThoughtWorks


Here in the blog, these are a few of the most popular articles for 2011:


I decided to learn Clojure and started an internal user group at ThoughtWorks Sydney - you can read a brief report on our first meetup here.

The group’s been a bit off lately since I was on leave in Brazil and then the whole holiday season happened but it’s definitely one of the things I want to make happen more often in the new year.

Clojure is a great language and I expect it to keep gaining a lot of traction in 2012.

And I guess that’s it…

A lot more happened in the last 12 months but these are definitely my favourite parts.

Happy new year everyone! I’m sure 2012 has a lot of new challenges and surprises for us :D