Announcing the Sydney Clojure User Group

Update: We now have a page. Head over there to learn about our next meetups as well as to RSVP to them. We’ll discontinue usage of the wiki for registering attendees, in favor of the new site. Everything else on this post however still holds.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll have noticed I started running internal Clojure meetups/hack nights at ThoughtWorks here in Sydney a while ago. While being closed, we’ve already had one international speaker - Ola Bini - come and share his experience as an attendee at Clojure/conj. I promise I’ll blog about it soon.

We’re a small but active group, eager to learn and as a natural result we couldn’t stay closed for any longer! :)

That’s why last Tuesday, the first time we had external guests, we decided to make the group public so anyone could join.

It was great having people from outside ThoughtWorks sharing their real world experience with Clojure. One of them, Harry Binnendijk from Whoto, even gave a presentation about how and why they’re using Clojure [1].

There was another talk, by yours truly, on Continuation Passing Style and Macros in Clojure. It was a great night.

Interested? Read on.

Our meetings will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month - at least to start with.

To help organize things we have a Google group where we’ll announce the next meetings, do the traditional “call for papers”, share ideas on how to improve our group, job posts and anything related to Clojure/FP.

We also have a wiki where you can see when and where the meetings are happening, sign up to talk/attend etc…

So if you’ve been thinking about learning Clojure but haven’t had the chance yet, come join us. Joining a group like this in its beginning is a perfect learning opportunity.

And if you’re a Clojure hacker already, we’d love to hear from you just as much!

We welcome all levels and encourage everyone to submit talks they’re passionate about.

I hope to see you in the next meet up. Feel free to shoot the group an email or to me directly at leonardoborges(dot)rj(at)gmail(dot)com

And don’t forget to add us to your calendar so you don’t miss out - next meetup will be on Feb 21st at ThoughtWorks Sydney!


[1] Link to the presentation will be available soon