Somewhere in Between...

So here I am! Alive and kicking!!!

Just got back from vacation. Brazil was awesome and so was xmas in Norway! Lots of food in both places! Need a diet! :p Warming up for new year’s now.

But the reason for this post is the last comment on my Rails 2.0 scaffold post, quoted here:

Hi Leonardo,

I am extremely grateful for your info altruism. I thought maybe I could show my gratitude with a small donation but I don’t see anywhere on your site to do so.
You’ve saved me hours and possibly what little sanity that I claim to have left. Is there a place to do so on your site that I’m missing? If not just tell me where and I’ll send my gesture to any cause that you wish. Thanks very much again, some day I hope to be able to be of service to a needy newbie as you have been to me. Happy New Years!!

I was surprised that someone wanted to make a donation and, since I never thought about it, I wasn’t prepared.

I was talking with the author of the comment, Eric Goodman, and I suggested he could donate to a noble cause. He ageed and just sent me the confirmation that a donation was made to The American Cancer Society.

So here I leave my thank you to Eric and encourage other people that read my blog to do the same in case they feel compelled to contribute in some way. Other societies around the world are gonna be very grateful.

Happy new years!