Rails Rumble '09

Update: The service is now down while we move it from the VPS provided by Rails Rumble to our own. I’ll let you know once it’s up.

Last weekend Philip, Pedro and myself got together for this year’s Rails Rumble.

We haven’t had really decided what to do until a few days before the competition, but I had this really simple idea and decided to go with it. Seems people liked it, given a few positive comments we received.

So, after 48 hours - which were not used to work full-time in the application - The Bird Watcher was born.

The Bird Watcher is a simple way to show the world what’s going on on Twitter for any topic you define.  Go ahead and take a look at the website to see a live example.

We’re planning to keep the service up after the competition is over and we have some nice features lined up to go live on the next release.

In short, it was an interesting weekend and showed me that this team works really well together.