Clj-syd Report #0

Last night we held the first ever meetup for the Sydney Clojure User Group!

When I decided to start running the meetups I had no idea we’d end up with 37 people on the first night! What a great turn out!

As for the content, here’s what you missed:

  • Running Clojure apps on Heroku - Lincoln Stoll (@lstoll)

Linc works for Heroku but ended up not spending a whole lot of time talking about that - instead he showed us how to build a simple web application using Compojure, a small Clojure web framework.

He then evolved the example by implementing it using Noir - yet another web framework that builds on top of Compojure, adding some helpful macros.

To top it off, the UI was implemented in ClojureScript - so that was all Clojure from end to end!

  • Paredit (in Eclipse) for the IDE junkie - Matt Quail (@spudbean)

If you’re into lisps and use emacs - if not you should anyway - you learned to love paredit.

However, not everyone gets to write Clojure for a living and a lot of us end up in some sort of IDE. If you’re in Java land, a popular choice is Eclipse and Matt showed us how you can get the paredit goodness right there using the Eclipse plugin counterclockwise.

Frustrated with the Clojure REPL? Wish you had more useful shortcuts? Decent line editing? Saving that nice function you’ve been working on right from the REPL? Then make sure you check out both the presentation and IClojure, Cosmin’s project.

Definetly worth a try.

Bayan was in one of our internal meetups. Some people raised the fact that we don’t see a lot of the design patterns made popular by the GoF book in languages such as Ruby, Python or Clojure and the overall opinion is that in those languages, some of the problems these patterns solve in, say, Java, simply don’t exist.

Bayan decided to dig up a few and show what’s the alternative in Clojure. Interesting perspective.

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