Rails Summit 2009: I'm Speaking

Rails Summit 2009

I’ll be speaking at this year’s Rails Summit Latin America in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It will be a good opportunity to meet some amazing people and visit friends back home! :)

Overall I’ll be spending 12 days in Brazil, with 2 of them dedicated to the conference. The other 10 I’ll be in Rio de Janeiro visiting my family and friends. I strongly advise you to spend some time in Rio too, if at all possible. It’s an amazing city and you can contact me if you have any questions.

Back to the conference, my session is called JRuby in the enterprise world: Using Rails with legacy code, and will be given in the form of a tutorial. I will walk you through some problems we had while making this kind of integration at my company, focusing mostly on dependency management.

At the end I hope you’ll have a good understanding of what JRuby is capable of in a legacy environment.

If you’re planning to attend and would like to hear anything specific about JRuby, please let me know, I can try and squeeze in.

C u there!